noirloba (noirloba) wrote in leather_love,

By Way of Introduction:

Suggested Introduction:Ohhhh why not I am game?!

Name: Jaime

Location:New Mexico

Age:WHY??? Ok Ok! 34.

Sex and or Gender: sex, as often as I can manage... Gender Female,... more appropriately Femmedyke.

Sexual Orientation: South by SouthWest? Ok ok LOL It is my attempt at HUMOR!!! technically I would have to check the little box beside Lesbian.... but I prefer dyke! Oh, and Polyamorous.

Dom or sub? Master or slave? etc: Owner/Operator. Honorifics? Ma'am, and if you are really really good, you can call me Mommie. Gleeful Sadist.

Interesting detail: My house... really is soundproof! So Please come and feel free to scream all you want to!

Flag?: Ohh yes... on the left, mint green, black and/or red.
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