Sean-Michael (allthecolors) wrote in leather_love,

Who's the next US Daddy/boy? pass it on

Do you know a Daddy/boy couple in your community who you think should run for the U.S. Daddy/boy Title? If so, tell them to act fast, because the U.S. Daddy/boy Contest is less than two weeks away!

The U.S. Daddy/boy contest will take place in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday January 22, 2006 during Southwest Leather Conference. We are currently seeking additional couples to run in this contest, who reside in the United States, who self-identify as "Daddy/boy" and who have been together for at least one year in a Daddy/boy relationship, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

U.S. Daddy/boy is a NATIONAL TITLE that is a celebration of the Daddy/boy relationship dynamic. The titleholders will be able use the title to help educate the general leather community about the Daddy/boy lifestyle and it is hoped that the titleholders will become a valuable resource for the Daddy/boy community.

For more information and to download an application to run for this title, please visit our website at and go to "Contests & Titleholders." For additional questions and inquiries, please contact U.S. Daddy/boy Coordinator boy Joe at leatherboyaz at

It's not too late to decide to run ... but please act fast: appilcations are due before January 16, 2006.

US Daddy 2005
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