hum (flogging_mikey) wrote in leather_love,

a love of leather.

Name: Ryan Rosa
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 18 yrs old
Sex and or Gender: My sex is Leather and I'm your regular trans guy
Sexual Orientation: Faggot
Dom or sub? Master or slave? etc: I'd say Dominant Daddy ...A Master before a slave but not strict Top in any sense of the word
Interesting detail: It's almost 4am and I have the deepest desire to start jacking off to 1984, In it's own sadomasochistic way..It managed to make me uncontrollably horny at class tonight. To listen to O'brien explain submission to Winston and to feel the fight Winston does so well at losing can bring me to an absolute state of content..thats where I think I'll go off to tonight...yeah.. enjoy.. 1984 by George Orwell, don't be offended by my comment if your a fan, believe me socially, politically, views of the story are much more complex...but right now..I'm going to indulge in the traumatizing excersizes pushed on our protagonist.

Thats my interesting detail...hope it was good enough for all of you.

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